Construction Trucks

For dependable construction trucks that can enhance your business, choose Uaminifu Logistics rent line of Trucks.We rent construction trucks with a focus on toughness and efficiency, so rest assured that the job will get done with a construction truck from Uaminifu Logistics.People in the construction industry know the value of a construction truck that is sturdy, adaptable and can take on any task.

Our construction trucks are low maintenance, thanks to accessible components including transmissions and see-through fluid reservoirs that make daily maintenance checks quick and easy. Uaminifu Logistics rent brands of construction trucks also help improve workplace safety with larger door openings, lower entry height, an extended step area for easier cab entry or exit, and ergonomically located handles.We are dedicated to helping our customers find a truck that meets all of their needs, so talk to an expert at our office to learn about our custom options that include and more.Discover how our tough-as-nails construction trucks raise the bar when it comes to truck performance.



Uaminifu Logistics rents 114SD and it is flexible enough to be utilized for a wide variety of vocational uses, including construction. This truck are designed to include sturdy components that are ready for anything.






The 122SD is able to excel at even the most demanding construction jobs.Uaminifu Logistics renting industry-leading model from Freightliner will get you through a hard day's work efficiently and comfortably.